Tummy Tuck Belt Review – Does It Really Work as Shown on TV?

The Tummy Tuck Belt is one way in which you can appear slimmer without having to do the hard work of working the abdomen muscles and slimming down on your own. When combined with the accelerator cream, the Tummy Tuck Belt starts to help shed those excess pounds that are found around the waist. This is the main reason as to why I tried the product, as I wanted to appear slimmer, yet did not have the time that it would take to devote to doing this the old fashioned way. With the Tummy Tuck Belt product, I could spend around 10 minutes a day exercising this area, and still see results.

What Comes In the Box

In the box there are numerous items. These include:

  • The Tummy Tuck Accelerator Cream
  • The Tummy Tuck Belt
  • A 10 Minute DVD for the Tummy Tuck Exercises

First Impressions

My first impression of the Tummy Tuck Belt is that it seems relatively easy to use, thus I was a bit reluctant to expect great results as they advertise. The belt itself reminded me of shape wear that is often used by men and women to get the figure they want, without the love handles. However, the accelerator cream upon first seeing this was intriguing, as it claims to help heat the muscles to induce more weight loss. If my first impression was to be summed up in one word it would be skeptical.

How the Tummy Tuck Belt Works

There are a couple of ways in which you can use the product to see results. The first method is to use the accelerator cream, the belt, and combine this in with the abdominal exercises. The second method is to utilize just the accelerator cream and the belt, without changing your eating or exercising habits. With whichever method a person chooses to do, they will find that the basic working of the product remains the same.

First, you apply the accelerator cream to the abdomen area. You then put the belt around your waist, which can be rather difficult as the belt is rather tight. You then do 10 minutes of the abdomen exercises, if you choose to go this route. The idea behind the accelerator cream is to create heat that is locked in by the tummy belt, which in turn creates a fat burning system. The idea is that through the use of the accelerator cream, you get a faster heat up to the abdomen muscles versus exercise alone, which increases the fat lost in the area.

Does it Really Work?

This system seems almost too good to be true, and this has many people contemplating whether they should spend their hard earned money on this. There are several pros and cons to the system that have to be looked at in order to make a decision as to whether this works for you or not.

The good points of the system include:

  • With the use of exercise, the chances of seeing inches melt off the waist are increased
  • The belt really does help to make the outward appearance more slim
  • The system really only takes 10 minutes a day to see results, and this can be split into two different sessions for those who may be pressed for time
  • Do not have to use a diet in order to see results
  • The whole system is easy to use when compared to other belly slimming systems on the market

There are also some cons that must be considered to determine whether the system really works or not. These cons include:

  • Many people report the belt being hard to wear under clothes, as it slips up around the chest causing difficulty in breathing
  • The results without exercise are often not what people are expected. However, the product does point out that it works better with exercise
  • Many complaints have been registered about the accelerator cream causing itching when placed on the skin, which is more common for those who have sensitive skin
  • The price of the accelerator cream is a common complaint, as it can get rather expensive

With all this being said, results show that when a person uses the belt system combined with exercise, they do burn fat faster around the abdomen area, than if they were to do these exercises on their own.

Final Thoughts – Is it Worth it?

Overall, the system is not what I would recommend as the best method to lose weight that has accumulated around the abdomen area. If you were to use this system combined with exercise, I believe it is more of the exercise that is helping to lose the inches in the area. However, the Tummy Tuck Belt is great as a slimmer underneath clothing, which is a huge plus. My recommendation is to try this ONLY if you want to do the work to shed the inches. Otherwise, this belt is not going to help with losing inches, if you do nothing.

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