Grout Gator Reviews – Does Grout Gator Actually Work?

I have always been of the view that tiles can add to the overall look and value of your home. It was the reason why I abundantly used all types of tiles in my new home, with terrazzo tiles used in the bathroom and on the first floor. All was just perfect until I started noticing the grout accumulating on the tiles, even in the places where the tiles were sealed properly.

 I started looking for a solution and someone recommended an acidic solution. I tried it in the bathroom, but it didn’t help a lot and even left a stain on those tiles. Then I watched a commercial on TV about the wonders of Grout Gator and came to know how this little beast can get in all the nooks and crannies and eliminate the grime fast without the use of smelling chemicals. After reading a few Grout Gator reviews online, I wasn’t sure if it would actually work.

I decided to try it, and I now pat myself on the back for doing so – it was a great buy! I even use it today – I can easily stand and use it anywhere I want, including the splatter tile right behind the cook top and the tile shower walls.

What’s Included

  • A beautifully packaged cleaning brush with four small, adjustable nylon brushes
  • Sponge and squeegee attachment to clean liquids

First Impressions

When I received the product, the first impression was not that bad at all. Although I was a bit skeptical about the quality because the head was quite like on any standard broom, I was wrong though. As I opened it, I noticed the bristles were quite stiff. I liked the fact that it was adjustable – the brushes snapped on in a perpendicular direction and you could easily adjust them considering the width of your tile. The kit included four brushes, but a friend told me that it was possible to add more to ensure the Gator cover more in a single sweep.

My first impression of that extension pole wasn’t that great though – it looked quite fragile. It was not that bad once I opened it and actually used on my kitchen tiles. Later I came to know that the hand is made of recyclable polypropylene and is stain resistant as well. By the way, you can remove the pole if you prefer it that way. Overall, the structure is quite solid, the handle doesn’t bend, and the bristles are hard enough to remove stubborn grout.

How the Product Works

The folks who have created Grout Gator believe that more heads are always better to clean grout quickly, and they prove it through this amazing gizmo. It has strong brush heads that you have to glide across the grout lines. Due to its patent pending system, it allows you to slide brushes to adjust according to the tile width. Once adjusted, tight it with the thumb screw. It lets you add more brushes when you’re cleaning smaller tiles.

Does It Really Work?

Oh, yes – it really does!   After I received it, I tested it on bathroom tiles and slate flooring. There was nothing I could complain about – it was magic, especially when I had already tried ineffective rotating brushes and steamers to clean my kitchen slate floor. Even though I feel that I had to apply more force on central spots, the outcome was impressive though. It didn’t work that well in the beginning, but then I found a way – I gripped the handle with one hand and kept the other hand close to the small brushes. It felt awkward, but I’m now quite used to it.

I liked the fact that you can move it up and down to clean vertical grout lines, and once done, you can then turn the brush and its handle sideways to clean the horizontal grout lines. Quite interestingly, the brush, with its lightweight, ergonomically designed handle, floats quite well, and I found it work perfectly well on pool tiles.


  • Strong nylon brushes for deep cleaning
  • Fully adjustable to the size of your tiles
  • Durable, attractive design
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Works perfectly on shower walls, tile floors, and more


  • Price may seem a bit high
  • May not work perfectly on larger tiles

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that Grout Gator provides you with an effective way to clean almost all types of tiles in your home. If you’ve been using a toothbrush to carefully remove the grime, you will really find Grout Gator a better alternative. It cleans your grout a lot faster as compared to other methods, fits different tiles sizes up to 12 inches (extendable to 24 inches with a Pro model), and serves you for years due to its durable construction. Just consider the size of the tiles you have installed to know what Grout Gator model to order.

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