Hurricane Spin Mop Review – Does the Spin Mop Actually Work?

According to the television commercials and infomercials, the Hurricane Spin Mop is designed to clean, dry, and polish your floors without you ever having to get down on your hands and knees. At the same time the manufacturer claims it is one of the most environmentally friendly mops available.  This of course leads to the big question, “Is the Hurricane Spin Mop as good as the maker claims or is it just another good idea on paper?”

This Is What the Manufacturer Says about the Hurricane Spin Mop

According to the manufacturer, the Hurricane Spin Mop will pick up dust, hair, and dirt. They say that by using this mop you no longer need to sweep your floors before mopping them. If this is true, it would most certainly save you a fair amount of time each time you clean your floors. Along with this, the makers also claim that this mop can hold up to ten times its own weight in water, this means you shouldn’t have to wring it out very frequently while mopping your floors.

In the event the mop does end up soaking up more water than it can handle, you simply place it in the special bucket and press down on the foot pedal.  This causes the head to rotate at a high rate of speed and spins out the excess water.  Most people would find this to be a much better choice in comparison to wringing out their mop frequently.

Inside the Box

Inside the box is a lightweight mop made from special microfiber materials chosen for their ability to absorb water and not leave streaks and smears behind. You do have to put everything together, but the mop handle is made of metal and has special plastic fittings designed to snap together in seconds. The mop head is designed for easy removal, allowing you to place it in your washing machine. It is strong enough to be washed up to 300 times.

You also get the special spinner bucket that has been designed to grip the mop head and spin it when you pump the pedal. Actual spin speed is approximately 1,000 rpm depending on how much you pump the pedal. This means you should never have to wring the Hurricane Spin Mop by hand. Be sure to read all assembly instructions very carefully to ensure you get the most out of your spin mop.

Using the Hurricane Spin Mop

As with any product the proof lies in how well it works when put to the test. The special microfiber works very well to pick up things like dust, dirt, lint, and pet hair. You can use the mop dry instead of a broom and dustpan as long as your floors are not excessively dirty. All you have to do is shake it out from time to time in the trash can to clean it out.

As for wet mopping, nothing could be easier. The included spinner bucket holds plenty of soapy water and the built in spinner helps keep the mop from getting too wet. Although the handle might seem a bit flimsy, don’t be fooled by its light weight. In fact when put together properly, the handle is strong enough to handle most mopping and scrubbing chores. You can also buy a scrubbing brush attachment for those really heavy jobs.

The spinner works great to remove excess water, all you have to do is pump the foot pedal and let it go to work. Spinning at approximately 1,000 rpm, the bucket spinner gets almost all of the soapy water or rinse water out ensuring your floors come clean and are left virtually streak free without ever having to bend over.



Easy assembly Some people note the handle tends to unscrew
Microfiber mop head picks up dirt easily and holds lots of water Poor customer service
Spinner works very well to remove excess water The handle is too short for taller people


Final Thoughts: Would I Buy it Again?

While the Hurricane Spin Mop seems to work exceptionally well, it does need to be put together properly to ensure the handle does not fall apart during use. A number of people have reported that the bucket had holes in when they received their mop. It works extremely well overall and does a good job of cleaning most types of flooring. The mop head is easy to keep clean as it can be machine washed up to 300 times. This is good quality mop that managed to handle every task I undertook with it and is highly recommended.

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