Luminess Air Premium System Review – Does it Work?

The Luminess Air Premium System Review – Makeup Application Made Easy

Having sat through the Luminess Air System infomercials on television several times and seen just how well this makeup airbrush system seems to work, I finally decided to order a kit for myself. Having never used any type of airbrush before I was more than just a little nervous. However, the model in the infomercial made it look relatively easy, which while it is their job was very encouraging.

What Is the Luminess Air Premium System?

The Luminess Air Premium System is a complete kit designed to allow you to spray makeup on your face in a smooth and flawless manner. As the makeup is atomized into a fine mist, the system allows you to create an even look similar to that seen in the modeling industry. In fact this method of makeup application has been the industry standard for many years. The kit includes base colors to suit your particular shading as well as bronzers, shaders, and pearlizers to help you create the perfect look in minutes.

What Comes with the Kit?

Upon receiving my Luminess Air Premium System kit in the mail, I could not wait to open the box and see what came with it. The kit comes with everything you need to get started and to help achieve that “flawless” look seen on so many different male and female celebrities.

Included in the kit are:

  • Luminess Air System: Air Compressor, Luminess Air Stylus, A/C Power Supply
  • Hello Clutch Style Carry Case
  • How-to DVD: Demonstration and how-to instructional DVD by the Head Make Up artist of Desperate Housewives
  • Matte Foundation: Choose from kits for fair, medium, or tan sets, each containing four separate shades
  • Airbrush Blush: Choose from fair, medium, or tan coloring
  • Airbrush Bronzer
  • Airbrush Pearlizer
  • Airbrush Face Primer and Moisturizer

First Impressions

Taking the entire kit out of the box and laying it all out on the table gave me the opportunity to see what I had purchased. My first impression was that the overall quality of the equipment appeared to be good. The included air hose is more than long enough to allow you to sit or stand in front of a mirror to apply the makeup and the airbrush itself felt like it was well made. Overall I was quite happy with everything that came in the box.

The Instructional Video

The first thing I did after setting everything up was to watch the instructional video. Having seen the infomercial several times I had high hopes for the included “How-to” DVD.¬† The entire video was created by John Elliot, the head makeup artist for the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives. Even though he is obviously an expert, John made using the Luminess Air System look easy.

My First Attempts

Having watched the video several times I decided it was finally time to try using the Luminess Air System for the first time. Before using it to add makeup to my face, I spent several hours using the airbrush to spray water on sheets of paper learning to achieve the right spray pattern and level of spray. The last thing I wanted to do is be heavy handed when applying the makeup to my face.

One thing I did notice right away is that I needed to do more than give each bottle of makeup a little bit of a shake to use it. In fact I found that each bottle, especially the Bronzer needed to be shaken thoroughly for at least two to three minutes to ensure that they are properly mixed. If you don’t do this, the makeup will not spray through the airbrush evenly and will likely clog the parts of the air brush.

I found that even if you do mix everything thoroughly, the airbrush needs to be cleaned frequently. My personal findings were that I had to take it apart completely and clean it every three uses. Keeping your Luminess Air System working can easily be accomplished by flushing the makeup bowl out with water at the end of every use and then running a mixture of alcohol and water through it. When you are ready to perform a complete cleaning, taking the gun apart to access the needle was relatively easy, but is a very important step.



Applies an even coat of makeup Make up runs out too fast
Makeup layer is thin and does not crack Bronzer does not cover well
Makeup stays fresh looking all day long Gun clogs quickly if you do not mix makeup well
Relatively easy to master and achieve great results Customer service is somewhat lacking


My Final Thoughts

Despite the number of less than happy reviews I read, my personal experience with the Luminess Air System has been overall good. While the airbrush does tend to clog and requires frequent cleaning, I found thoroughly shaking each bottle before using them helps as does shaking them if you need to add more. While the Luminess Air System did not manage to shave any time off my morning makeup regimen, it did give me a much more even look. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a better way to do their makeup in the morning. Hopefully you have found our Luminess Air Premium System review helpful, please share your personal experiences in the comments section!

Note: Rather than paying the monthly fee, you can usually pick up a full set on Amazon for a higher up front price and then purchase any individual products separately when you run out.

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