Walkfit Reviews – An Honest Walkfit Review: Does it Work?

I was pretty excited to try out the Walkfit, having suffered an ankle playing basketball when I was younger. I’ve tried a whole lot of braces and foot inserts¬†with mixed luck. Some work for a while and then wear out and a lot of them do not help at all. With this in mind, I was eager to try out Walkfit for myself. I had seen a number of positive Walkfit reviews online, but also noticed that not everyone was equally as positive.

In this article, I’m going to look at a variety of factors before sharing my overall assessment. First, we are going to look at what the company says Walkfit will accomplish and then I’ll go into a few of the main Pros/Cons that I noticed. With this Walkfit review I hope to make your decision easier without any hard sells. I’m just another person trying to figure out if this “As Seen on TV” product is actually worth it.

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What the Manufacturer Promises

Walkfit orthotics promises to relieve a variety of ailments, including lower back back, knee pain, and general foot pain. It provides stability for the hips and helps to properly align the back and shoulders. As must doctors will tell you, structural ailments frequently start with the feet. Addressing proper foot support can even provide long term solutions to many common back and neck alignment issues.

The manufacturer recommends starting with the “low” arch support insert (see “what’s in the box” below), gradually working up to “high” arch support as needed. This is designed to minimize discomfort as your foot adjusts to the added arch support. This is part of the orthopedic process to realign your body gradually, leading to better long-term health outcomes.

The latest release of Walkfit also comes with some new benefits, including “Nano-Silver” auto-germ killing technology and a new gel cushion insert for added shock absorption and firmness (as needed). Since I had not tried the older version, this is type of set that I tried out for this review.

What’s in the Box

Here is what comes standard in each package:

  • Main Walkfit insert
  • One “low” arch support
  • One “medium” arch support
  • One “high” arch support

What Was My Experience?

I noticed a difference almost immediately after putting on the inserts. It wasn’t that it eliminated the pain and discomfort immediately, but it did reduce some of it and provided more support to help me accomplish what I needed to during the day. Overall, these are the best generic orthotic inserts that I have used. Even better, they are a fraction of the cost of the ones my doctor recommended to me years ago.

I can’t speak to the inserts relieving all of the symptoms as advertised, but I did notice less knee pain and my feet were in much better shape after a day of golf. I started off with the “medium” inserts because I had used other inserts before and thought that was a good starting point.

After day three, I did notice some aching in the arches that was different than my pre-existing issues, so I dropped down to the “low” option for the next two weeks before going back to “medium”. It’s safe to say that you will have some arch pain as you adjust, but it DOES go away after about a week of regular use and provides positive long term benefits (worth the trade-off in my book).

They do seem to last a while as well. I’ve only had mine for a few months, but I’ve heard they can last up to 3 years. Less than $10 for 3 years is pretty good!

Pros and Cons of Walkfit

Pros Cons
Very affordable Doesn’t work for everyone (depends on condition)
DOES relieve foot stress Hurts a bit the first week
Relatively durable


Final Thoughts

I was actually pleased with my experience with the Walkfit inserts. For those expecting to “fix” their injuries, this just won’t happen. What it can do is make the discomfort and pain a bit more bearable. For the cost, this is certainly a worthwhile investment. Depending on the nature of your “condition” it might not be the perfect solution, but it is worth a shot. You can find it for a very good price here. Or, you can view the real-time product pricing below:

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