No BS Super Beta Prostate Reviews – Does it Work as Advertised?

Weak urine flow and frequent trips to the bathroom were making life miserable for me. It was maybe due to my aging prostate or something else, but I was in search of something that could change it. I was surfing channels and came across a commercial that I’m glad I watched – only for a while though.

It was a commercial featuring football great Joe Theismann explaining how he used Super Beta Prostate to deal with his aging prostate and started sleeping through the night. It’s an all-natural dietary supplement manufactured by New Vitality, mainly to improve prostate health and reduces various urinary difficulties caused by prostate enlargement. It contains minerals, including selenium and zinc, with chromium, boron, germanium, copper, manganese, iodine, vanadium, and silicon. It also contains vitamin D. One of the reasons why I was hopeful the product would work was the presence of beta-sitosterol, which is known to promote prostate health.

After reading a number of fluffy Super Beta Prostate reviews, I didn’t quite know what to think. I was willing to try an all-natural remedy, but I was also aware of the fact that, unlike popular belief, herbs and supplements can affect your body’s chemistry and cause certain harmful side effects. I did a little research and it was a pretty mixed bag – I could read some users swear by the product, while others never talked highly of it. I decided to give it a shot, hoping that it will deliver on the promises it made in the commercial.

What’s Included in the Shipment?

  • A bottle containing 60 caplets
  • A leaflet highlighting warnings and directions

First Impressions

After I received the package, the first impression wasn’t bad. It was a simple bottle with 60 caplets. I thought there would be some information about any side effects etc., but I couldn’t find anything specific.

How the Product Works?

Super Beta Prostate contains about 615mg of beta sitosterol and pygeum bark, two ingredients that make it an effective dietary supplement. In fact, the presence of beta sitosterol makes it more effective than Saw Palmetto that does contain beta sitosterol but not as much as you can find in one capsule of Super Beta Prostate. Several studies have confirmed that beta sitosterol improves urine flow and affects overall prostate health in a positive way.

Similarly, Pygeum bark has anti-inflammatory properties and studies show that it is an exceptionally well-tolerated treatment for moderate symptomatic BPH (Benign enlargement of prostate). Other ingredients like vanadium, silicon, manganese, molybdenum, copper, boron, etc., improve circulation, reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar to offer specific urinary benefits.

Does It Really Work?

Well, it’s a difficult question to answer really. In my case, it definitely worked and I noticed quick, effective results within a week or so. The trips to the bathroom came down to two from 4-5 a night. It was a great improvement and I could sleep better. I even felt more emptied after urination, which was again a development. I even took my dog for a walk without having to worry about being ‘caught short’.

For some strange reason, it all came to a halt after a couple of months or so. It seemed that the second bottle I used weren’t as effective as the first one was. That was disappointing. I was expecting more of a miracle, but one thing is for sure that my conditions are a lot more manageable now. Moreover, I could find myself more energetic, which was the effect of several minerals found in the supplement.

The simple answer is that yes the product works to improve your prostate condition, but be ready to witness a ‘point of saturation’. It only works up to a point, and may only make your symptoms a bit manageable than eliminating them for good. I must say that though the improvement stopped after some time, I didn’t experience any side effects, other than occasional gastrointestinal discomfort.


  • Free 30-day supply (see here)
  • No Minimum Purchase
  • Natural ingredients with therapeutic benefits
  • Only a tablet a day does the job
  • No mixing of powders required
  • Improves ability to empty your bladder
  • Improves mental and cardiovascular health
  • No major side effects of Super Beta Prostate
  • 30-day return policy


  • Does necessarily work for everyone (judging from some of the reviews)
  • Auto-shipment doesn’t impress everyone
  • Not a quick fix and takes some time to work

Final Thoughts of Super Beta Prostate

The bottom line is that if it is just an aging prostate that requires some boost, Super Beta Prostate may well be the answer. If you feel hesitation before urine flow starts, experience straining while urinating, or notice dribbling at the end of urination, this may be due to BPH. In this case, Super Beta Prostate may not prove extremely beneficial because there’s no cure for BPH.

Of course, you will notice some positive change in your condition and some reduction in the number of bathroom visits a day, but the product isn’t going to correct this condition completely. So yes, the product may or may not work for you, but you can make a decision by determining the underlying cause of your urinary problems.

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