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It can be hard to find a vacuum cleaner that is reasonably priced, has great suction, and can be used on both carpeted and bare floors. Thanks to the selection of included attachments, the Shark Navigator Lift Away seems to meet all of these needs quite successfully.

It offers ample power for sucking dirt out of even the deepest pile carpets, and the bare floor attachment with roller brush allows you to easily switch between the two. I decided that since it was time to buy a new vacuum cleaner, I would give the Shark Navigator a try.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright, Standard Brush Roll

What You Get

The Shark Navigator Lift Away offers a 1200 watt motor that is designed to ensure constant suction to help keep your home clean. The entire assembled vacuum complete with attachments weighs in at only 12.5 pounds, making it one of the lighter models in this category. To help those with allergies, it is equipped with HEPA and foam filters.

In the Box

  • 1 Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Hardwood floor attachment
  • 1 Duster pad
  • 1 Pet power Brush
  • 1 8 inch crevice tool
  • 1 24 inch crevice tool
  • 1 Dusting brush
  • 1 Removable canister vacuum

First Impressions

After taking the Shark Navigator and various accessories out of the box, the first thing that hit me was that this vacuum seemed to be very well made. From the base machine to the numerous accessories, it appears that top quality materials have been used throughout. After using it, I found that the swivel steering made navigating around the furniture in my house far easier than any other vacuum I have ever owned.

The fact that it can be made to lay completely flat for cleaning under the beds makes it a winner, you can also use this feature to help you reach under couches and chairs without the need to move them. The ultra-low profile head lets you get under low furniture and other areas such as your kitchen cabinets. Thanks to the massive 4.4 quart dust canister, you can go far longer between emptying it. The canister is simple to remove. There are only two latches holding it in place and a single button to push to empty it.

Filtration is provided by three separate filters that are all washable. You should wash the foam and felt filter at least every two months. The HEPA filter is designed to last approximately two years before it needs to be replaced. Bear in mind that the cleaner you keep these filters the longer your Shark will last. The sealed HEPA system can trap approximately 99.9 percent of all known allergens inside the vacuum instead of pumping them back out into the air, making it great choice for pet owners and those with allergies.

The Shark offers two power settings, one for carpets and one for bare floors. Both settings provide more than enough suction to tackle practically any cleaning task. The extra suction makes the Shark Navigator Lift Away a good choice for those with pets since the 1200 watt motor provides enough suction to keep the machine from becoming clogged with pet hair.


Pros Cons
Exceptional Suction Narrow head only 9 1/2 inches wide
Extra Large Canister Topples easily due to lightweight construction
Easily steered Only room on board for two attachments
Great filtration 25 foot cord is too short


Final Impressions – Does the Shark Navigator Really Work?

Overall the Shark Navigator Lift Away is an excellent vacuum cleaner. It offers buyers a lightweight vacuum that is easy to navigate around the house. The 12.5 pound weight takes much of the work out of cleaning your home. Exceptionally high suction that does not drop off as the canister fills up means you can always count on your floors to be clean, unlike many other brands that tend to lose suction as the canister fills.

The included attachments, especially the removable canister vac make the Shark Navigator one of the most versatile on the market today. While some say the smaller head makes extra work, most find that this makes it easier to clean in smaller areas and to find a good place to store it out of the way. After reading all of the Shark Navigator reviews from customers, it appeared to offer excellent value for the cost, and I found this to be the case with my hands-on usage making it easy to recommend this vacuum cleaner as a good choice. See below for the most competitive price that I have found:

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