Perfect Pancake Pan Reviews – Is it Worth the Money?

My family and I are avid pancake aficionados. From the basic round style, to those filled with our favorite fruits, we have yet to find a pancake we don’t like. So when I saw an advertisement for the “Perfect Pancake Pan” I felt compelled to order one to see if it truly would make creating these delicious discs more enjoyable and easier.

Here is what I found once mine arrived and I finally had a chance to use it.

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What the Manufacturer Promises

As I sat watching the infomercial for the “Perfect Pancake Pan,” the pitchman had me convinced that it might be the best new appliance since the four slice toaster. According to the salesman, all you have to do is pour the batter in the bottom half of the pan, place it on the stove and wait until the bottom of the pancake is cooked. Then you simply turn the pan over, finish cooking the top of your pancake and serve. The commercial states that this is the “World’s first spatula-free pancake maker.” What a great selling point, no more muss, no more fuss, just great pancakes every time. Both top and bottom surfaces of the Perfect Pancake Pan have a non-stick surface to ensure your pancakes will always slide right out of the pan and onto your plate. What Comes in the Box As soon as my new Perfect Pancake Pan arrived in the mail, I eagerly opened the box to see whether or not what I ordered even closely resembled the product I had seen in the infomercial. This is what comes in the box with your new Perfect Pancake Pan:

  • Perfect Pancake Pan
  • Heart Shaped Pancake Ring
  • No-Drip Batter Dispenser
  • Pancake Recipe Book

At first glance the pan seemed to be made of reasonably good quality materials. While perhaps not as heavy duty as I thought it might be, when you consider the price, it seemed to measure up well enough. But as with any kitchen utensil the real proof in how good it is lies in how well it works.

A Word to the Wise

No matter how easy using the Perfect Pancake Pan might look in the infomercial, you must understand there is more to it than meets the eyes. The instruction manual is filled with helpful tips and warnings designed to ensure you know what you are doing from the start. There is a very definite technique to successfully flipping the pan over without making a mess. There are many negative reviews readily available online claiming the Perfect Pancake Pan does not work and makes a mess. The reality is that the vast majority of those writing them probably did not take the time to master the right flipping technique before writing their reviews. Given that there is a specific hand and wrist form needed to make the flip without making a mess, I recommend you practice flipping and mastering the technique before you start making pancakes.

Low Expectations – High Results

Given the number of low reviews I had seen about the Perfect Pancake Pan, I must admit I set my own personal expectations rather low. All I could see in my mind was pancake batter being flung all over my kitchen as I learned to use the pan. However, I did spend a little time mastering the jerk–twist technique until I thought I had it down pat. I heated the pan, added the right amount of pancake batter and waited for it to cook. When the bottom of my pancake was cooked, I picked up the pan, jerked and flipped, to my surprise there was no mess whatsoever. What I got instead over the course of time was a stack of perfectly cooked round, golden pancakes to serve my family.

Pros Cons
Fast easy pancakes Cheaply made by comparison
Non-Stick surfaces no spatula required Can be very messy to use without practice
Evenly cooked pancakes Can only make one pancake at a time

Final Thoughts – Does the Perfect Pancake Pan Really Work as Advertised?

One issue that seems prevalent with the Perfect Pancake Pan among many users is leakage. Using this pan is no different from when making pancakes on a flat griddle. You have to be sure the batter is sufficiently cooked before flipping the pancake over or you are going to make a mess. As long as you allow your pancakes to cook properly before flipping, there should be no mess and they will come out perfectly every time. My family loves the Perfect Pancake Pan as it offers us a great way to turn out plenty of our favorite breakfast dish. Click below for the best price that we have found online:

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