Ninja Master Prep Pro Review – Does it Work as Advertised?

In most cases we have always been wary of any type of “all-in-one” device, whether it is a tool for our woodshop or a new appliance for the kitchen. I have seen far too many commercials for appliances that promise to slice, dice, chop, and crush virtually anything you will ever use to prepare food in your home, most of which fail miserably. So you can imagine my first thoughts when a friend of mine suggested the Ninja Master Prep Pro. However, she did manage to convince me to give this latest addition to the Ninja line of small kitchen appliances a try. In this post we will be doing an in depth Ninja Master Prep Pro review to see if it lives up to the hype.

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What Comes with the Ninja Master Pro Prep?

When my new Ninja Master Pro Prep finally arrived courtesy of the man in the brown shirt and shorts, I could not wait to open the box and take a good look at what I had ordered. According to the information available when I ordered my new appliance, the Ninja Master Pro Prep features a more powerful motor than the previous model, more blades, and comes with an extra processing bowl.

Here is what I Found in the Box

  • 460 watt interchangeable electric power head
  • 40-oz. processor bowl
  • 48-oz. pitcher
  • 16-oz. chopper bowl
  • Splashguards to fit bowls and pitcher
  • 3 storage lids
  • Recipe book

One of the first things I noticed when I pulled everything out of the box was that each of the containers is labeled as BPA free, making them a very popular item in our house. On top of this the entire set appears to be made from very high quality materials and everything but the motor unit is dishwasher safe.

Test Driving the Ninja Master Prep Pro

Despite its obvious good looks and pedigree (Ninja has already earned a reputation for top quality kitchen appliances), I could not wait to take my new toy out for a test drive. From the moment I turned on the motorhead, it became obvious this Ninja had plenty of power. What I was not prepared for was the amount of power this machine truly had. In fact the first time I tried to make a fresh batch of my favorite salsa, I have to say I was not happy with the resulting product.

Let’s get this straight however, this was not through any fault of the Ninja Master Prep Pro at all. In fact it was my own fault as I was not prepared for the power and cutting ability of the four blades. I simply left the Ninja running for too long and ended up with an over processed liquid. The second batch turned out perfect as I reduced the amount of time I let the Ninja run and processed the ingredients in stages.

Next up was a smoothie. My smoothies feature several frozen fruits which have killed many lesser blenders in days or weeks. To my delight the Ninja Master Prep Pro powered through them as if they were fresh rather than frozen, resulting in one of the best smoothies my family has enjoyed in a very long time. The blades are low enough to catch the smallest ingredients, and strong enough to tackle the larger ones with ease.

Problems with Plastic

Although I have yet to see any problem, one thing I did see in a number of reviews was that the plastic drive system tends to wear. My thoughts on this are quite simple, just like any other kitchen blender or food processor, you need to be very careful not to overload the Ninja Master Prep Pro because this can cause unnecessary wear and tear. I admit I have put mine through its paces including crushing ice to make smoothies and margaritas and have yet to see any signs of a problem beginning to develop.

Pros Cons
Comes with 2 bowls and one pitcher Hinged lids tend to leak
Powerful 460 watt motor handles everything Only has a pulse switch instead of on/off switch
Dishwasher safe BPA free containers Plastic drive may wear quickly


Final Thoughts – Does the Ninja Master Prep Work as Advertised?

While the Ninja Master Pro Prep does seem to take up a fair amount of space in my kitchen cabinets, I must admit it is one of the best appliances I have purchased in a long time. The blades are extremely sharp and must be handled with care or you could end up wearing a lot of Band-Aids. I have used mine to make my favorite dips, smoothies, and any number of other projects with ease. I must say the Ninja has taken on anything I have thrown at it without any problems and is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen.

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